Social may be sexy, but Search still pays the bills.

— Tom Pick

SEA – Search Engine Advertising

What is SEA – Search Engine Advertising

SEA is a technique of gaining traffic to a website through paid advertising like Google Adwords or PPC (Pay-per-Click advertising).

Social may be sexy, but search still pays the bills.

— Tom Pick


SEA Services include

  • Keyword Research
  • SEA Strategy
  • SEA Setup, Configuration, Implementation and running.
  • SEA Support

Best Practices for optimum conversions

Search Engine Advertising Setup

SEA Setup, Configuration, Implementation, Running & Support.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research that best suits your brand among compitition.


Best Practices

Follow Best Practices from the leading SEO professionals around the  globe.


No black hat techniques

No black hat techniques to raise fake nos of visits which do not convert to sales.


No clumsy Keywords Stuffing

No clumsy non-professional keywords stuffings to increase fake SEO numbers, or for the more initial false traffic.


Customer Intent Optimized

Customer Intent Optimized

What Is SEA / Search Engine Advertising?

Search engine advertising (also known as search advertising, Internet search advertising, or online search advertising) allows you to directly display your paid ads among the search results on various search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo:

How SEA Search Engine Advertising Works?

Search engine advertising operates using an auction-based system, in which advertisers bid on certain keywords relevant to their product or service. It should be mentioned, however, that bids and clicks are different. Just because you might bid $100 for a keyword phrase, does not mean you will be charged $100 for each ad click.